Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday, March 24th

Alan was asked to give the spiritual thought at our Monday morning devotional this morning and I gave the prayer. Every time the FM managers are in charge of the devotional they ask us to do it. This should be the last one that we do. We don’t mind doing it but there are a lot of managers and they should take a turn too.

After the devotional, we had a meeting with Howard and Ana about the emergency container. We really want to get that thing restocked and no one is moving very fast around here. Toa, from the FM, came over -- after our meeting was over -- and we sat down with her and went over the list of items we need to restock it. She is going to get on the internet and see if she can get some of them cheaper for us. She is also going to check with some of her suppliers in New Zealand and see what she can do. (She is over purchasing at Liahona.) Alan just can’t deal with paying $597.00 for a wheelbarrow. It has to be cheaper to ship them here from new Zealand!

When we were finished with our meetings today, we called Greg. It is Sunday in America and we were finally able to reach him. He was watching basketball games on TV. Of course! It’s March Madness!! He and his dad had a good time talking about what is going on there and all of the upsets. He looked good, sounded good and he is getting ready to go on a trip to Detroit for his work. All is well with him. Then we called Bryan and we were able to talk to everyone in the family today. Funny how March Madness is a bonding time for the Webb clan. Poor Zach, he was pacing as he talked to us. That kid lives and dies the March Madness bracket challenge. Poor Grace and Addy, they are at the bottom of the heap because grandma wasn’t home to participate. Not to worry, next year I will be there to fill in that last place spot. I have never heard of some of the teams Greg was talking about! Oh well, it’s still fun and the family loves it.

We had a GREAT FHE tonight. The Aland’s were in charge and they invited Penni Tonga and his family to come and show us some Tongan culture. They are such a fun and talented family!! They played the drumbs for us, explained some tongan traditions and then danced a lot of dances for us. It was thoroughly entertaining and everyone loved it. We had banana splits for treats and they tasted sooooooo good!! It was a fun night.

We keep hoping that someone is going to tell us that they are the new District Leaders, but so far no one is saying that. We have only planned through next week but it looks like we may have to keep going. Hopefully the president will make the change soon. We have been doing this FOREVER and we are running out of ideas.