Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tuesday, March 25th

It rained HARD, HARD, HARD last night! When we got up this morning everything was flooded, it was still dark, still raining and it showed no signs of stopping. We went back to bed. When it rains like this in Tonga they cancel school. Many, many homes are flooded and the roads are flooded in lots of areas too. The school grounds become a lake or a mud hole so people know that school will be cancelled. It is like a snow day at home. The kids love it. You can see them everywhere out playing in the rain. People take rain baths and wash their hair in the rain. It’s really quite a sight to see.

We stayed on campus today. Ana said that our office parking lot is a lake and you need a canoe to get to the building. We are so grateful that we have given away so many wheelchairs so that none of them are getting ruined in this water. The building where we keep them always floods on days like this so everything we have left is up on pallets. Ana had a meeting at Liahona this morning so she came to see us at our office here. We have a closing ceremony planned for tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see what it looks like in the morning. We can’t do it if we have another day like today.

Everyone took the day off today. We all just stayed around home and relaxed, read books and I got a lot posted on the blog. We did go over to the service center and called Kimi to say good-bye before they leave for Hawaii tomorrow. They were at the Madsen’s, so we got to see Lowel and Bonnie too. That was fun. Kimi and Mike are excited about the trip but Grace didn’t seem all that thrilled. It will be fun to see the pictures they send home to us. We hope they have a great time.

Because it was raining and cooler today, I made taco soup for dinner and corn bread muffins to go along with it. It really tasted good. After dinner we were able to go for a walk. The rain had stopped and by the time we got home we could see the stars. Hopefully that will last through the night and all day tomorrow.