Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Monday, March 31st

We weren’t in the office very long today. Ana had a couple of meetings and we needed her help to work on the plans to send food crops to Ha’api tomorrow. I finished up our financial report that is due today, (just 2 more to go!!) and then we put the April calendar for the mission together. We didn’t think that we would have to do that again but I guess that joke was on us. The President hasn’t done anything about replacing us as district leaders.

When Ana hadn’t come by noon, we headed for home. We needed to go out to a couple of villages to see which beach we wanted to go to tonight. We are going to have a picnic on the beach for FHE.
After lunch we took a quick drive to the western side of the island. Both of the beaches we looked at were beautiful, but one was a little harder to get to and we have some senior sisters who can’t get down a difficult trail. Both of the roads to the beach were BAD!! Every road in Tonga is bad during the rainy season. Even though it was a nice day today, thank heaven!! there were mud puddles and huge ruts all along the roadways. It wasn’t easy but it is doable. We will just have to wash the car when this is over.

We met with the other seniors at 4:30, had a prayer and headed to the beach. It was a beautiful evening. The tide was coming in so we could wade and still stay in the sand, not have to walk on the corral. The clouds made for a great sunset and it was so relaxing to have a picnic on the beach and enjoy being together. Everyone had a great time. It was a very successful FHE. We planned it and did all the work, but Alan called it a 5th Monday FHE and we still have to come up with another one for our turn in April. What’s fair about that?????