Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday, April 1st

We had a huge day at the office today. Things just never seem to slow down around here. We had truck loads of root crops and seedlings delivered to the office that we are shipping over to Ha’api. We also had to get some wheelchairs on that same boat. That took most of Alan’s time.

I had to write up a project for the dental clinic and try to get in touch with the head doctor at the hospital in Vava’u. That project has been approved and we have not been able to contact him to get the process of ordering the equipment for the hospital started. We emailed him last week but he didn’t respond. I worked on that all morning.

By 1:00 we could see that we weren’t going to make it home for lunch, so we ordered take-out from Wave’s restaurant next door. I had fish and chips and Alan had a hamburger. It is WAY MORE than we are used to eating for lunch! Alan was ready for a nap and I was ready for a walk but we had to keep working.

Dr. Reynold, from Vava’u emailed me this afternoon. He has been down with the flu. He is thrilled about the project passing and he sent me the phone number of the lady that we need to contact here to get the ordering started. I talked to her and she said that the equipment from New Zealand was already on its way. REALLY!! Sure glad this project passed or someone would have had a hard time paying for that. This is a $100,000 project. We don’t have that kind of money just laying around. We will get an invoice for the stuff from New Zealand tomorrow and get that ordered. Hopefully it will come quickly and we can finish this project before we leave. We would love to make one more trip to Vava’u.

Alan and Ana were able to get all of the crops and the wheelchairs on the boat by 5:00 and then we headed for home. That was a LONG DAY!! We were still full from lunch so I didn’t make a big dinner. That was nice. We ended the day by delivering the April calendars to all of the senior missionaries and then writing in our journals.