Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 2nd

Because we had such a big day yesterday, we spent the day today trying to catch up on everything that we didn’t get done. I had a lot of emails to answer and we received the invoices for the equipment and supplies for the Vava’u Hospital Project. I was excited about that, now we can get the companies paid and hopefully everything will arrive before we leave and we will be able to do the closing ceremony.

Lapo came from the hospital to put more wheelchairs together. It is for sure now that either he or Siua will lose their job in June. Once we leave and there are no more wheelchairs to put together, there won’t be enough for two of them to do. Australian-aid is cutting off the funding to the hospital so a lot of people will be losing their jobs. We are sick about that!

I was able to finish up the Friends and Family letter and get it sent off today. I am always glad to get that off. I love to tell people what we are doing here, but I never have time to sit down and write it. It’s a relief to have it sent.

When we got home, Alan took the car in to have it washed. We have driven all over the island in this rain and it was a mess!! It looks sooooooooooooooooo much better!!

We were able to walk tonight. We just went slow but my knee is feeling a little better. It felt good to get out and walk. I think the reason that I have a hard time sleeping is because I am not doing enough physical stuff. Sitting behind a desk all day wears me out mentally but not physically. I am really looking forward to getting home and being able to walk around the block again.