Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday, April 20th

We went to the ward at Liahona this morning. The Johnsons were speaking at Sacrament Meeting and we wanted to hear them. Then we hurried home so I could put some funeral potatoes together for the President’s Dinner before we went into town to attend our own ward. We missed our Sacrament Meeting but we were there for our Sunday School class. Sila is getting married in two weeks and he wanted to talk about the wedding and his bride, so we had to really cut our lesson short. That’s OK. Sila has waited 7 years to find a woman that he wanted to marry and he is soooooooooooooo happy!! It just bubbles out of him, so we had to let him talk.

When I went to Relief Society I found out that the teacher didn’t come to church. That is after calling her 3 times this last week and then telling the 2nd councilor that if she didn’t come, it was her turn to teach the lesson. I taught last week! Ceci, the 2nd councilor was at church, but she left to attend her brother’s missionary farewell at another ward. Like she couldn’t have told me that was happening this Sunday??! So Diana, the president and I divided the lesson in half and I took the first half. As soon as I started talking Diana left the room and she didn’t come back until we were singing the closing song!!!! REALLY???!!! What are they going to do when I go home? I am going to kill Sister Mitchell. She bailed on me today too. She is the secretary and she decided to just attend all of the meetings at Liahona today and not come into town. Why do Alan and I always feel so responsible, no one else does.

The rest of the day turned out well. We had a very nice Easter Dinner, with ham, funeral potatoes and all the trimmings. It tasted soooooo good!!! We ate way to much! So when we got everything cleaned up and put away, we went for a walk. We didn’t walk far enough or fast enough to do much good. I have got to cut back on the eating or they will have to roll me out of here!