Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, April 29th

My main job today was to finish up our financial statement for the month of April. I did that first thing this morning and turned it in this afternoon. WHEW!! I always feel a great sense of relief when that is done. Only one more to go!

We met the senior missionaries at Waves, a little cafĂ© by our office, for lunch today. The Alands had taken the new couples to get their driver’s licenses, to exchange their money and to buy some food. They stopped by to have lunch and called to have us meet them there. It was fun to spend a little time with these new missionaries. They are all in shock at the prices here, but they will adjust. If you want it, you have to pay the price.

While we were eating lunch, we found out that one of the Nobles on the island has passed away. Evidently, President Shumway, when he was the mission president here, promised this noble that when he died the missionaries would come and sing at his home before the funeral. That meant that we had to go and sing. Actually we were pretty excited to have the opportunity to go to the home of the Noble and he just happens to be the uncle of the Governor of Vava’u, a man we have come to know and love. It was a big thing. This Noble was not a member of the church, but he loved the church and he has read the Book Of Mormon 8 times. His wife is a devout Wesleyan and he did not join the church out of respect for her. The Governor of Vava’u is a member and he will do the work for his uncle as soon as he can get his Auntie to agree to it. Anyway, a lot of members of the Central Stake came and then most of the senior missionaries. We did a family home evening type program for the family, only we had to go through the talking chief, because not just anyone can talk to the Nobles. When we sang, “As I Have Loved You” the widow was very emotional. When the whole thing was over, she asked the talking chief if she could talk to us. He was a little confused but he said yes. She then told us how humbled she was that we would come and how much her husband would have loved it. Then she stood up and walked toward me. I went to her and hugged her. She again expressed her gratitude and then shook hands with all the missionaries. She even said that she wanted a picture of us with her grand daughter. When we left, we found out that that kind of thing is just not done. You don’t hug a Noble’s wife, or even shake hands with her after one of these ceremonies, let alone take pictures. Well, she started it and she stayed around until we had all talked to her and left. Hopefully her heart will soften towards the church now.