Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wednesday, April 30th

We hurried into work today. I needed to update the spreadsheet for Cyclone Ian and check on a few things before we had a conference call with Elder Reynolds. I really appreciate that man. He has been such a help to us and such a support to all that we do. I am so grateful that we were able to serve under such an outstanding Area Welfare Manager. I know other couples have not been that lucky.

The technical guys came to the office today to hook up our desk top computers that we used at Liahona. I am sad about not having an office there anymore, but I’m glad to have access to everything I need again. I will have to take some time tomorrow to organize this office again and get everything put away. We now have two file cabinets and we need to get everything into one before we leave. It will take us this last month to get the files straightened out and all of the information put together for who ever comes to replace us. Elder Reynolds told us today that no one has been called yet, so it will be awhile before anyone comes to Tonga. So sad!

We were supposed to have a missionary musical fireside tonight, but it has rained hard all day and at the last minute they called and cancelled it. We were glad. We haven’t had a night at home in a long time and we really are just fine with being home and catching up on our journals.