Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wednesday, April 16th

We are having an Easter Dinner this weekend for our President’s Dinner. Alan and I have been running all over town trying to find ham for that dinner. Villi promised us that he would have ham in his store but today we found out that he won’t. It didn’t come in the last shipment. GREAT!! We promised the senior missionaries ham! After going to every store that we thought might have some, we went to Molisi’s. They had two half hams! One cost $135.00 and the other one cost $159.00. Oh gosh, that’s only about $300.00 plus tax, just for the hams. I have a hard time asking people to bring food and then pay extra for the ham. So I called the Mission President and asked if the mission would pay for the ham. They haven’t provided one thing for any of the meals all the time we have been here. I figured, what did I have to lose --- maybe he would release us from this calling as District Leaders if he didn’t like the idea. But he liked the idea and the mission will pay for the hams. Yea!! That is a relief!

It was a beautiful day today. It has been a little cooler lately but today it warmed up again. We were ok with that, at least it isn’t raining. It looks like we should have a few more good days coming. Maybe we can do something fun over the holiday weekend. Jeana Niu called me this afternoon, she had her husband call the church attorney in Tonga, who just happens to be his brother, and ask him about it being illegal to go to the beach on Good Friday. He said that it was a crazy rumor and he didn’t know how it got started. Everything will be closed in Tonga on Friday and Monday, just like it is on Sundays, but it is not illegal to go to the beach. Maybe we will do that one day this weekend.