Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thursday, April 24th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAVID --- in Tonga! We will call him tomorrow when it will be his birthday there.

Lapo came today and put more wheelchairs together. We are really getting low in wheelchairs now. Hopefully we can give them all away before the end of May. We took one back to Liahona with us today. There is a lady from Ha’api, that came with a group of people to go to the temple. They had to carry her from the boat to a car and then they carry her to the temple every day. We took the chair to the temple and met her. She is the sweetest little old lady. She is in her 80’s and she really needed our help. When she saw the wheelchair she was overcome with joy. It will be such a blessing in her life. I put my arms around her to give her a hug and she just clung to me and sobbed. It’s moments like that that make coming on a mission so worth the sacrifice.

I worked on little odds and ends for the mission today. We had to put the calendar for May together and then figure out who would take what food into the new missionary’s houses. We are expecting two new missionary couples next week.

This afternoon we went to the Dateline Storage warehouse to pick up the medical supplies that we ordered from Australia. We needed the lady from procurement at the Ministry of Health to meet us there and check the shipment before we could take it. We saw a Tongan miracle today, she was there right on time!! It was a very pleasant surprise. We have tried to meet with her a couple of times and we always have to wait. This was great. We took the supplies to our office to store them until we are ready to ship them to Vava’u.

We ended the day at the temple. I am still adjusting to the new movie.