Saturday, November 9, 2013

Monday, November 4th ----- MORGAN’S BIRTHDAY!!

Morgan’s birthday is a national holiday in Tonga. We were planning to take the day off and sleep in. Ana called us at 5:45 AM!!! She called to tell us that Vuna and his crew wanted to paint today because it is supposed to rain all next week and be nice today. Alan said that he would go in and work with them. So we got up EARLY, had breakfast and then Alan ran into town. We can’t imagine why Ana had to call us so early. No one showed up at the site until 9:30! But we were so grateful that they would come that we didn’t complain. They got the outside of the building painted today except for the trim. Hopefully we can finish that up tomorrow.

We saw a miracle today. While Alan was gone it rained hard off and on all day long. We had a neighbor who went into town and he came back to tell me that it was pouring downtown. I called Alan and he said that he could see black clouds all around them, but that it never did rain at the Central Pharmacy. They were able to work outside all day long and they got so much done. We know that the Lord is watching over us and helping us get this done.

Alan came home about 2:30. He was exhausted! All he wanted was a shower and take a nap. I went for a drive around the west side of the island with some of the other senior missionaries. It was cloudy and rainy, but we still had a good time. We took the Alands out to see a couple of the resorts and the flying fox tree. They have only been here for 2 weeks so it is fun to show them new things. I remember when that was us!

We called and talked to Morgan.  She sounded so grown up!  I can't believe how much the grandkids are changing while we are gone.  It is much more noticeable than it was when we were in Ukraine.

We went for a walk tonight to try to cool off. Even though it is raining, the humidity is so high that our apartment is really hot.