Monday, November 4, 2013

Thursday, Oct. 31st - HALLOWEEN!

This was probably the most frustrating day of my mission!!! I went into the office in town to work and Alan went to the Pharmacy to supervise. H dropped me off and once I got inside the office I found out that I did not have my glasses! I remembered having them at Lavengatonga yesterday, but that was the last time I used them. I am totally dependent on them when I work on the computer!! Therefore, I GOT NOTHING DONE!!! Well that isn’t entirely true. I was able to zoom in at 150% and then I could at least read my emails. The only thing I really accomplished was to give myself a doozy of a headache! I tried to print a letter off for our files and there was no paper in the printer. When I opened the new package of paper I got a paper cut!! I should have stayed home in bed today.

Elder and Sister Bean took me home because Alan stayed to work at the pharmacy. After a coke and a little lunch I was ready to go again. I went into the office on campus and got a lot of work done. Then I headed home to get ready for the trick-or-treaters. Our primary and lots of the parents from our ward in town brought the children to Liahona to trick-or-treat The Liahona 2nd ward was sending their kids around too. We thought we had plenty of candy until the village across the street saw what was going on and they came running. We had over 100 kids come in less than 30 minutes --- and then it was over! Sure wish we could do it like that at home. The Liahona campus is the only place in Tonga where you can go trick-or-treating. That’s where the Palangis live. I guess we should be grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was. I spent over $30.00 for suckers! They are so expensive. I would never do that at home. Then we got a note that the Liahona 1st Ward is coming tomorrow night. I don’t get it. Maybe they decided to celebrate Halloween along with their cousins in America?? We will have to get more candy!

Alan got home just in time for the fun. I fed him quick and by the time the kids had gone he was asleep in the chair. He did physical labor all day today and it was really hot. It got up to 93 today with 75% humidity. It did him in!!! We were hoping to be done with these projects before the weather changed on us, but we didn’t make it.

After Alan took a quick shower we were off to the temple. It was a great way to end the day. I was so ready to get “out of the world!”