Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sunday, November 3rd

We have been on our mission 11 months today! Time is flying by but at least now we are starting to see things come together. It is getting exciting!!

Today was Fast Sunday. I am fasting for my brother and praying for a miracle to happen that will make him want to use the power of the Atonement in his life.

We only had one person in our Sunday School class today, so we decided to all go into the Gospel Doctrine class and save our lesson for next week. It was nice to be in the Gospel Doctrine class. It has been months since we have met with that class and we enjoyed the day off. About half way through the class Vince and his wife came. They were late, but they came because they love the Sunday School class. We decided to invite them into the Gospel Doctrine class. It was about eternal families and they told us today that Vince’s mother will be coming to Tonga this next weekend and they will get married while she is here. We are excited about that and hope that will be the start of Vince’s path into the church.

I made a meatloaf last night. We had that for dinner along with baked potatoes, green beans and cucumbers and onions. It was a real American meal and it tasted sooooooo good!!! A great way to break our fast.