Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wednesday thru Friday:

We pretty much did the same thing every day. Alan went in and worked all day at the pharmacy and I went to the office. This pharmacy project is starting to wear thin on all of our nerves. When a service project drags on, it is hard to keep volunteers coming. On Wednesday there was a rugby game. No one came in the morning because of that and then after Tonga won, everyone celebrated for the rest of the day. Poor Alan, he is working himself to death, with very little help! I went in to help in on Friday. The people that work at the pharmacy have kicked in and they are doing quite a bit of painting now. I only stayed until noon and I about melted. Alan handles the heat much better than I do, but I really don’t know how he does it. I was drained when I got home. It just zaps the energy right out of you!

This is such a huge building and we still have a lot of detail work left to do. We are praying that we can get it finished up next week.

Wednesday evening, Sister Mitchell and I went to the temple with a sister from our ward who was going through for the first time. We went through a Tongan session and it was a wonderful experience. We decided not to use head phones and just listen to it in Tongan. We were the only non-Tongans in the session. We both did just fine and I realized that I really love the Tongan language. It is so beautiful and musical. I learned a lot and it was really good for me to have to focus so hard on what was going on. Saelongi, the sister who went through, was glowing when the session was over. She and her husband are working to be sealed next year before we go home. We really want to be here for that.