Monday, January 20, 2014

Thursday and Friday, Jan. 2nd and 3rd,

We went in to work both days but didn’t want to start anything new. On the 6th I will start writing up the emergency container project and the gardening project. The Fm group is going to come and start the work on our building next week so we are just trying to get things put in order and put where all the dust won’t get to it.

Alan still wasn’t feeling very well, so I went to the office at Liahona by myself in the afternoon and he stayed home and rested. I also went to the temple alone. It was a huge session tonight. Every seat was taken. It looks like a lot of people have made a resolution to go to the temple. That’s good!!!

On Friday we went into the office a little later. We took breakfast to two of the missionaries that are serving in our ward. One month our ward takes them breakfast and the next month we take them dinner. I made some French toast and scrambled eggs for them. They don’t ever get things like that and since they are both from America, one palangi and one Tongan, they were thrilled. That was a little extra work, but it was worth it.

We went with Ateni Helu to look at some of the family gardens that he has helped people in his village plant. Some of them were pretty sad, but some of them were really good. I will include the pictures that I took with the project when I submit it. It shows that with a little effort a family garden can be successful here. One of the main problems that they face is that when it rains hard, these gardens flood. We need to help them build them up with some cement blocks and then fill the area with good top soil. We are really hoping we can get this project to pass. Alan is excited about it.

We had another impromptu movie night tonight. We watched ‘Return to Snowy River”. The men love those shows, wonder how they would feel about watching “You’ve Got Mail”? I doubt I will ever find out. Oh well, I liked the movie too. Jim, the man from Snowy River is not that hard to look at, the scenery is gorgeous and the horses are beautiful too.