Friday, January 31, 2014

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

We headed into the office to put the report together that I posted yesterday. I added pictures that I took at the dock as the supplies kept coming in. . It has to be to the Area Presidency in the morning.

I spent most of the day yesterday in tears. I have never seen such generosity from people who have so little. It was so humbling to hear the stories of their sacrifice. One lady only had 4 dresses, she sent 3 of them to Ha’api. People went out into the bush and cut down their bananas and dug up their root crops and sent them. That is what they sell at the market and that is their only source of income and food. They said that they will eat fish. We are both sunburned. We were out in the HOT sun all day yesterday. We were down on the Warf and it is all cement. The heat was incredible! We both got dehydrated and couldn’t get enough water last night. We didn’t sleep well because we were so tired.

Today was another busy day. We cleaned out the rest of the supplies from the emergency container and sent them to the airport. It is a 45 minute drive to the airport and we make two or three trips out there a day with more supplies.

After lunch I finished the report and submitted it, then I started working on the financial report. They told me today that they want me to keep track of all of the money that is spent on this relief effort. I think they are crazy, but I will do the best I can. There are people spending money all over the place for different things and they all have to be coded. I am more than just a little bit worried about that!!!!