Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday, January 16th

We got an emergency call from the hospital this morning saying that they needed some wheelchairs. We stopped at the hospital on our way into work and picked up the boys that assemble wheelchairs and took them into the office with us. They put the wheelchairs together while we answered emails and wrote up more reports. This paper work is burying me! It is amazing to watch the church in action, how the calls come and the priesthood responds, but someone is always in the background, keeping records of what is happening and running all of the errands---- for this emergency, that is us. Even though it is exhausting and often overwhelming, it is such a humbling experience to be a part of all of this, especially to be on the inside and see how it all works. We sit in on phone conferences every other day where we talk to the Area Presidency and also people in Salt Lake City. The First Presidency knows exactly what is happening here and it is amazing to feel the power of the Priesthood as these men make decisions.

We snuck out for about an hour today so we could buy some groceries. We are running out of food and I needed a DIET COKE!!

I left the office about 3:30 today and went home to make a big macaroni salad. We are feeding 150 missionaries tomorrow and they eat a lot of food. Life goes on, even when there is an emergency situation going on. We are just trying to keep up with it all!

Because the phone wasn’t ringing with a new assignment for us, we went to the temple. Our temple will be closed for the next two weeks and we really didn’t want to miss this session. It was a little hard to stay awake, I haven’t slept well these last few nights, but it was very peaceful and calming. I love the temple!