Friday, February 28, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 8th

When we got up this morning, we were able to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. WOW!!!! They were very impressive! It was fun to see how beautiful it all was, but a little hard to watch it on a channel that is not pro America. We didn’t even get to see the American athletes come into the stadium. That was sad. So far they haven’t said much about our athletes. hopefully they will do really well and then we will be able to see them.

As soon as the opening was over the TV channel shifted to Rugby. It is the World Cup Rugby tournament and Tonga is all about Rugby. Seriously, the Olympics are on and we have to watch Rugby! I can’t stand it!!!!! So frustrating!

We ran to town to pick up some food. They were coming to spray our house for critters so we didn’t want to be here. When we were done with the shopping we stopped for a doughnut. What??? That was our third one this week! We have got to have a little more self control. Well, maybe not quite yet. We have to at least try each kind they make to see which one we like best.
When we got home we did the usual Saturday chores and then went out to dinner with the Forsyths, the Alands and the Meyers. The Forsyths are on their way home. They have served in Vava’u, working with the teachers up there. They are leaving almost a month early. They said that they were done with everything they could do, so they decided to go home just a little early. She has had a lot of health problems while they have been here so I think they will be happy to be home.

We had movie night tonight. We watched “Second Hand Lions”. We like that movie, it is a feel good movie, so it was a fun night.