Friday, February 28, 2014

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

Sister Mitchell and I went into church early for our presidency meeting. We planned the last details of our Valentines Social next Friday night. I will be making cookies, probably just chocolate chip, I’m not sure how sugar cookies would turn out with this humidity. We also found out that our speakers won’t be able to be there, so now Alan and I are the speakers. I am not to happy about that, I just spoke at the Visiting Teaching Seminar. Enough already!

Elder and Sister Forsyth came to our ward today. Our bishop has been up in Vava’u and he asked them to speak in our Sacrament Meeting today. They talked about the importance of education and both of them did a really good job. It was another good meeting. Kristi Tuita also talked. She is an American, married to a Tongan and they have 5 beautiful children. They came here to live for a couple of years to give their children the Tongan experience. They have been here for almost 7 months and they are leaving tomorrow to go back to America. He could not find a job that would support his family. We are glad that we got to know them, what a wonderful young family.

Sunday School was great. Our class is really more involved now in the lessons. We keep getting new people and they are not so afraid to speak up. That is the best part of Sunday, teaching that class. Every church job should make you feel like that! Relief Society was a different story. I want to tie those ladies to their chairs and gag them! I can’t believe how many people walk in and out during the lesson and how many talk during the lesson. I was a wreck by the time the meeting was over. I don’t get it. How can you feel the Spirit when there are so many distractions??

When we got home I made a meatloaf and put a salad together, then we went to our senior missionary choir practice. We sing at missionary firesides a couple of times a month and we meet on Sunday afternoons for 1 hour to practice the songs. Alan is in the choir. It is his first time ever to be in a choir and he is doing a really good job. We aren’t the best choir ever formed, but we do alright and the people love to hear us sing in Tongan.

When we came home I finished dinner. We had the Forsyths and Elder Berger come to dinner. It was good to be able to sit down and visit with the Forsyths before they leave in the morning. Elder Forsyth is Mini Hall’s brother so we hope to see them again after we get home.

I have left the geikos alone since we got here. We were told that they eat bugs so not to kill them. Tonight one crawled up on my bed. NOT ALLOWED!!! He is no longer living. I don’t love watching them crawl along the walls, but they are definitely not going to be crawling on the bed!!!