Friday, February 28, 2014

Wednesday, Feb, 5th,

I put a few more detail in on the Nukuhetuku project while I was waiting to call the Grays. Today is Dennis’s birthday in Tonga. (not until tomorrow in America) We decided to call them today. We had a great visit. They had lots of news to share with us and it was really fun to hear about what is happening at home. We hear from our family and keep up with them, but other than that we just get little bits and pieces here and there, not a complete report like we got today. Dennis and Carolyn are great friends and it was good just to hear their voices again. It made us a little bit homesick. We look forward to doing some fun things when we get home.

On the way home from work we stopped at the “Family Doughnut” shop and bought some doughnuts. This shop is run by the family at Liahona that has adopted all of the kids and is trying to put them through school and then send them on missions. It is the family we gave the “Christmas Jar” full of money to. They have opened a business where the kids can work and it is doing great! They are way ahead of what they projected they would make and going strong. There is a real demand for cheap food here and their doughnuts are well worth the money. They cost $2.00 but they are huge and the closest thing we have ever found to the spud nuts we used to have in Logan. We love them --- which is not a good thing.

I bought some pork chops at the store last weekend. We don’t see them here very often, twice since we have been here. I cooked two in the crock pot today. They were huge! We shared one tonight and it was plenty. YUMMMMM, boy did that taste good!!

I had to go back into town tonight. We had a visiting teaching seminar that I had to speak at. We just planned it and announced it in church on Sunday and Sister Mitchell and I were afraid that we wouldn’t have a very good turn out. We were right. We only had 8 sisters there. 4 of us from the presidency, 2 from the stake RS presidency and 2 ward sisters. I felt bad. We really needed to build it up more but Diana wanted it tonight so we went ahead with it. It was kind of a wasted effort. We were preaching to the choir, not the ones who needed to hear it.