Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 11th

Before we went into work this morning, we drove out to Ha’utu to check on the project one more time. Our contractor had come out and replaced everything that was not shipped with the new engine and pump. Now everything is brand new, working properly and the machines are filling the tank in less than an hour and a half. That is a huge change from the last system that took over 6 hours to fill the tank --- when it worked, which wasn’t often. After we checked the equipment and took some final pictures, the people we saw as we were leaving thanked us over and over for our help. They are so happy about this water project. It makes all of the work worth it.

I spent the morning working in CHAS. Once a month or so I have to go in and update the journals on the projects we are working on. While I was on the internet I saw the Esplin's name show up. We decided to Skype them. We had a good connection and we were able to have a nice visit with them. They looked good and they seem happy working with the young missionaries in Arizona. They are really thrilled with the new temple there. We are anxious to see some pictures of the inside of that temple, the outside is beautiful. They have enjoyed being able to take people through the temple and also volunteering at the temple site. It was good to connect with them again.
When we got home I started making cookies. I need to make 200 cookies for our Valentines Day Social. I made chocolate chip cookies because that is what I have. The people here don’t make them so hopefully they will enjoy them. I don’t know if I will ever get to 200. Alan seems to be eating them as fast as I can make them. I will have to make more tomorrow.

We ended the day with a walk. We waited until 8:00, but it was still too hot to walk. There just isn’t a breeze anywhere to be found. I am having a hard time breathing!