Thursday, February 27, 2014

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

It wasn’t raining when we got up this morning, so we hurried and did some laundry. The things we washed last night still aren’t dry, but we are hoping we will have a little sunshine today and we will be able to get everything dry before night time. It could be an adventure -- sleeping in wet sheets!

We ran into town and did some shopping. It was a circus. All the rest of the schools on Tongatapu start on Monday so there were crowds of people everywhere!! We only went to the stores we really needed things from and then we headed back home. We have enough food to get through the weekend and we can add what we need next week.

It has been 3 weeks since we have had a chance to really clean the house so we did that today. I sprayed poison all over the place. I like to do that every two weeks and I was behind schedule. I hate seeing cockroaches but when I do see one I want to see it dead, not running across the floor!!!
In the afternoon I was able to go to the service center and send our Family and Friends letter and post a few more things on the blog. It is really frustrating. Now that I have a minute to do something, we have no office on campus to go do it in. There are so many people working in the Service Center now that we never know when we can find a room with internet that we can use. We really miss our office here and we haven’t even moved out yet. But they came and took the air conditioner and we can’t work there without it. We heard today that they are taking all of the air conditioners over to the Nauvoo Stake Center so that when Elder Anderson comes, he can use that building for his training center. After he leaves they have told us that they will put the airconditioner back in our office and we can use it again. That came from the FM and not Howard, but we are hoping it is true.

I made a cake tonight for our dinner tomorrow. We are having the missionaries for dinner. That will be fun, we have missed being with the young elders and sisters. While the cake was cooling, before I could frost it, we went for a walk. At 8:30 at night it is still to hot to walk! By the time we got home I was miserable and then it takes me an hour sitting in front of the fan to cool down. It will be like this for all of February and maybe March. Then we hit the rainy season in March and April. Not much to look forward to in the weather department for the next 2 months.