Friday, February 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Today when we went into the office we just did the most important stuff and then about 10:30 we started calling our kids. This last week, by the time we were able to stop and call anyone, they were all in bed, fast asleep. We really needed to touch base with them and find out what is happening at home. No matter how far away we are, first and foremost we are parents and grandparents and we need to know that all is well in our family!

We talked to Tiff first and found out that it is cold season in her house. That plus the inversion and they have had a bad couple of weeks health wise. Kimi, Mike and Grace are all well. They don’t have that inversion in Colorado. It was fun to watch Grace look at us and try and get to us. She is reaching for us now and wants to come through the phone to Tonga. Lisa said that Amberly is feeling better, but she still isn’t 100% and they still don’t know what is causing the problem. We are all praying that she doesn’t have any more attacks and that this will go away as quickly as it came. The rest of their family is doing well. We woke Greg up from a nap. It was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day, and he had been to St. George on a golfing trip. No surprise there. He got home late the night before, therefore he needed a nap. He must have been dead to the world because he had a hard time waking up. But we talked to him on Facetime so at least we got to see him. He looked good and we think all is going well with him. We have to guess because he is allergic to questions, he has an instant reaction that seems to be life threatening. We had already talked to Dave and Parx. Parx is a little chatterbox but we can’t understand much of what he says. He sounds so cute, it will be fun to see how much he has changed. Dave said that Alisha and the baby are doing great but she is starting to get uncomfortable. Just a couple more months and we will be welcoming a new grandson!!
In the afternoon I took some time to post some things on the blog. I am way behind on the blog and I want to catch up so that I can post the information about the cyclone. I know the kids want to see the pictures.

I kind of put things on hold today, so I had to make a long list of things that need to be done tomorrow. We ended thd day with a walk.