Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 4th

We picked up the boys at the hospital that put the wheelchairs together for us and took them into our office. They are so much fun. Now that we know them better, they have really started to open up and talk to us. They are great young men and they work hard. They put 24 wheelchairs together this morning. Our assessors are doing a great job of getting these wheelchairs out to the people who need them. We are really happy with how this new shipment is being given out. That is until today, when Alan lost one of the assessment forms. He had it in his hand and then when he went to give it to the boys it was gone. We searched high and low for that thing and never did find it. It was sooooooooooooo frustrating! It’s tough to get old, some of these senior moments can drive you crazy!!
I worked on the Nukuhetulu Water Project this morning and again this afternoon. I just about have it ready to submit. It will be our last water project. We have two other villages that are deserving and we may do the ground work, but we won’t submit them because we won’t be here long enough to see them through to completion. We may not get this Nukuhetulu one done either. I hope that won’t stop them from approving it. We can get most of it done and Ana can finish it up if she needs to. If another couple comes some time soon after we leave, they can pick up where we left off and get the other villages submitted with the information we will leave. But if no one comes for awhile they will probably fall through the cracks. That is so sad!

We are going to have Elder Andersen come to Tonga the end of February. They hardly ever get a General Authority to come here, so it is a huge thing. All of the youth on the island are preparing for a cultural celebration. There were about 300 youth out on the field tonight doing dances that they will perform for him. It will be fun to be here for that.