Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday, July 1st

We spent the morning in the office. I was able to stay busy catching up on a few emails and looking at pictures of Baby Grace!! Alan ran out of things to do quite fast so he started working on the MQ’s. We will be taking the money out to the missionaries tomorrow so he has to get all of the supplies ready to go.

We had 6 bundles of clothes and bedding in the back room of our office that were left over from the USS Pearl Harbor trip. That equals 600 pounds of clothing and bedding!!! We have been pulling them apart and Ana Ika takes some out to people every day. That woman is amazing! She knows people all over this island and she has a heart the size of Texas. We are trying to help as many people as possible and she just keeps coming up with more and more to help. Alan and I wondered if we would ever get rid of all those clothes and they will be gone in no time.

We went to the Mission Office this afternoon and talked to the Zone Leaders. It is the first time we have been in a meeting with our new Mission President and his wife. We are really excited about them. Sister Tupou is going to be much more involved with the missionaries. She really backed me up when I told them how important keeping their MQ’s clean is to their health. We asked the President if he wanted us to give the missionaries certificates instead of Snickers, because they are so expensive, but the elders about died. After he saw their reaction he said, “Buy the Snickers!” It was pretty funny. I guess we will keep the Snickers program going.

We had a Pizza party for FHE tonight. We all chipped in and brought items to put on the pizzas. The Williams, who were in charge for tonight, supplied the dough. It was fun and the pizzas turned out great.