Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday, July 6th

I got a lot of the laundry done on the 4th so I didn’t have much to do today. Alan had to go work on the plumbing issue at the MQ so I decided to wash the windows in our house. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? It is a lot cooler than it has been, but not that cool. By the time I got the windows in the living room done I was sweating like crazy. I did the ones in the kitchen and called it quits for the day. There are 18 slat pieces of glass in each window and I did 9 windows. We have a whole wall of windows in the bedroom plus one on each side of the room, that plus the bathroom was just more than I could muster today. So I turned the fan on in the living room and vacuumed the furniture instead. I should not be left alone!!! It was quite an adventure, really. As I washed the windows the geckos came out to see what was happening. One was all over the kitchen walls. Then when I moved the furniture I found a dead cock roach and some other critters under the couch. YUCK!! At least they were all dead, but how long have they been there???

That reminds me of something I forgot to write about. The other day at the office there was a cock roach in our office and Alan was gone. I saw it run across the room and started screaming. Our new secretary, who is just one year out of high school, came running in, saw the cock roach and walked over and picked it up WITH HER FINGERS!!! She just looked at me, smiled and said, “they don’t bite Sister Webb”. I still can’t believe she did that. She said that she was raised with them, they don’t bother her a bit.

When Alan got home we spent about an hour with the Szokas. They came to visit and bring us some things that they are leaving when they go home on the 15th. I really hate to think about them leaving. They have become such good friends and who knows if we will ever see them again - in this life, anyway. I’m sure we will see them on the other side.

We went for a good long walk today. We waited until it cooled off and then walked out to the plantation and around Liahona. Alan wanted to walk through one of the villages so we did. Suddenly 4 BIG DOGS came out of a fenced area after us. Someone had left the gate open. Alan started yelling at them and swinging his hat at them, I just kept walking and started praying for help. I couldn’t even look, but I didn’t hear Alan trying to get away so I didn’t think they were biting him. We escaped without injury but I am not going back there again. Now Alan knows why I like to walk around our block and not all over town. I think he will be fine with staying on the Liahona campus from now on.