Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday, June 30th

There weren’t many people at church today. There has been a huge Wesleyian convention here this last week and today they had their final feast. Most of the people in our ward have relatives here from other countries and they are probably fixing food and taking it to the feast. It is expected. That made our Sunday School class very small today but we still had a great discussion about families and the spirit was strong. There was a new man there today. As I was talking to him after class, I learned that he went on his mission to Taiwan and he knows Shane. They were in the MTC together. It’s a small world!

We had a restful Sunday. We were able to catch up on our journals and do a little reading. Alan and I are both so impressed with how the Tongan’s keep the Sabbath Day holy. Nothing is open and the campus is always quiet and peaceful. Everyone stays dressed up all day and we don’t even go for a walk until in the evening. We were able to go for a nice walk tonight. It was cool and it felt so good.