Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 13th:

Today is Friday the 13th, Zach turns 13 today in the year 2013. That is pretty exciting, 13-13-13. That is triple the luck for us. I love the number 13. It has been a very lucky day for me. An Amazing daughter and two precious grandchildren are born on the 13th, plus, we are about to have our 13th grandchild. Also, both my mother and father were born in 1913. They would have been 100 years old this year. It is a great number!!

We called Zach today, even though his birthday isn’t until tomorrow in America. It is really fun to talk to the grandchildren now that they are getting a little older. They have lots to tell us and we can carry on a great conversation with them. When we were in Ukraine they were a little young to do that. We always find out about what is happening in sports when we talk to Zach. He knows it all and grandpa loves it!

One thing he told us we didn’t like hearing and that is that Amberly isn’t feeling well again. Evidently whatever it was that was bothering her before Thanksgiving is back. They still don’t really know what the problem is, so they are back to square one. We are hoping and praying that the doctor will find the problem this time and know what to do to fix it. We worry when we know that she has not felt well for such a long time. We love her so much and we want her to be healthy and back to her happy active self again.

We gave out 7 wheelchairs from the new shipment today. When the boys from the hospital came to get them we made them bring the evaluation slips with them. Then we made copies so we can keep them in a file here at the office. We need to know where every wheelchair is going or they won’t send any more to Tonga. We are trying to fix all the problems that they had with the last shipment so that won’t happen. There is a desperate need for wheelchairs in Tonga!

It was a HOT day today but there was a nice breeze tonight so we went for a walk. The two wards that meet at Liahona were having their Christmas parties tonight, so it was a quiet night on the campus. Ours isn’t until next weekend.