Friday, December 27, 2013


Alan still isn’t feeling great, but he forced himself to go into work today. We needed to pick up the boys at the hospital that put the wheelchairs together. We have a lot of people that are waiting for a chair. We took them to our office and they were able to get 12 chairs assembled this morning. We will call the assessors tomorrow morning and get them out to the people who need them.

I worked on CHAS entering all of the information on what has happened this last month. You have to keep a journal on each project, so that is a lot of paperwork. It took me all morning to get that done.

I wasn’t feeling great today, mostly weak and no apatite, so we didn’t go to the office this afternoon. I just worked on the computer at home. It was Temple Night tonight but just as we were getting ready to go, Alan had a relaps with his stomach problems so we decided it would be better if we stayed home. We hate to miss a night at the temple, but neither one of us was feeling very well so we thought it would be best to not be around other people.