Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monday, December 9th

We went to the Liahona Devotional this morning. The Beans were asked to come and say good-bye. The Service Center presented them with a large round picture of a Tongan follie. It is beautiful, but to big to put in a suitcase and to late to send it home. We will help them if they need us to and be sure that they get it home.

Then we headed to the airport to see them off. That was a sad experience. It is always hard to say good-bye to good friends and we don’t know when we will see the Beans again. They live in Washington State but they do come to Utah to see Sister Beans’ parents who live in St. George. Hopefully we can meet up with them then. Alan had a hard time. The Beans going home has made him homesick. We still have a lot to do and we don’t feel “done” yet, but it really does make you stop and think about home and family. We will work hard for the next 6 months and be ready to go home in June.

FHE tonight was done by the Maile’s. She is a kick. She hates lessons so she did a quick, and I mean quick, spiritual thought and then we played Fruit Basket. That is a fun game, but not really a good one for senior couples. Especially if they are competitive. Sister Edwards ended up on the floor and she hit a chair as she went down. It knocked the air out of her and really hurt her back. Elder Breit and Dr. Lorenz also ended up on the floor, trying to sit on a chair that was already taken. (One time I was on the bottom of that!) It was fun, we laughed a lot and learned a lot about each other, but it was a little to rough. Some people will be paying for playing that game for a few days.

We started the planning for our Christmas Eve Dinner and our Christmas Day Dinner. We are the only family we have here so we will spend those special days together.