Friday, December 20, 2013


We stayed at Liahona for church today. The Beans were speaking at their last Sacrament Meeting and we wanted to support them. They also taught their last Sunday School class. It was fun to be back in the Liahona 1st Ward. I love the people in that ward and I really miss them. The Beans did a great job, both in Sunday School and in Sacrament Meeting. The Breits also spoke in Sacrament meeting. It was a good meeting and we were glad that we decided to go. We hate missing church at our own ward, but this was the right place to be today.

We had the Beans and Sister Mitchell over for dinner today. I made a big meatloaf and had baked potatoes, a salad, cucumbers and onions and hot rolls. It turned out great and we had a wonderful visit. We can’t believe that the Beans will be leaving tomorrow. The last year has gone by so fast. We have become close friends and we will really miss them.

Just as the Beans were leaving to go meet with the Mission President, Dr. Lorenz, the dentist here now, came over with a huge piece of cake. We sat back down and had MORE dessert with him.  In Tonga it is all about eating and you can always eat a little more!  Dr. Lornez will be leaving on Tuesday.