Friday, December 27, 2013


Our Sunday School class was really interesting today. First, while we were waiting for all of the class members to arrive, Sela told us about how his family hates him because he left the church he grew up in and became a Mormon. Then to add insult to injury, he converted his mother before she passed away. They want nothing to do with him and when his house burned down here in Tonga, they did nothing to help him. It was a sad story. He told us that just after the house burned, he went to America to stay with relatives there. In New Zealand, while he was at the airport, he had a 9 hour layover. He didn’t have any money and he was starving. A man from Samoa came up to talk to him and kept asking him if he was alright. Sela didn’t want to tell him what had happened but finally told him that his house had burned down and he had nothing. The man asked if he could help him but Sela told him no. As he got up to leave they shook hands and then the man was gone. He left $200.00 New Zealand dollars in Sela’s hand. They were supposed to be on the same plane, but Sela never saw him again on the plane or in the airport when he landed in America. He knows that man was an answer to a prayer he said in the airport when he asked the Lord for help. It was a touching story.

We talked about Prophets in class today. We asked our new convert if he believed that there was a prophet on the earth today. He said that he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet but that he had never really thought about there being a living prophet on the earth today until he joined the church. He is just soaking up everything we talk about in class and it is making Sunday School a real pleasure for us. We can’t wait to get there each week. We love this young man and really want to help him develop a strong testimony by making sure that he understands all of the basic principals of the gospel.

We had some left overs in the fridge that needed to be eaten, so we had a simple lunch today. After Alan took a nap, we went to the office so I could put some information on the Blog. I am always so far behind on that thing it drives me crazy!! I won’t miss posting things on there when we get home, but it is fun to put lots of pictures on so I can share what we are doing and seeing with those who are still reading it. Alan didn’t have much to do, so he called his brother Gary. We missed talking to him on his birthday this year so he hadn’t talked to him in a long time. They had a great visit. I think it was good for both of them.

Since it is December we wanted to watch a Christmas movie tonight. We watched ‘The Christmas Wish”. I had seen it but Alan hadn’t and he really enjoyed it. I miss being able to watch all of the Christmas shows on TV in December. I love them all and I can watch them over and over every year. (All except The Christmas Story -- I hate that movie!!! But loved the lamp I made for Greg that one year. I wonder what ever happened to that thing???)