Friday, December 27, 2013


While we were in the office today I was able to get a lot done on the reports that need to be filed and I started to write the success stories that everyone is waiting for. That will take me a little while to finish. I also started deleting some emails. I kept everything while the wheelchair training was going on but now I can get rid of a lot of that stuff and put the rest of it in folders. Computers are really amazing and we need ours but you can get buried in emails.

We are trying to put two dinners together for next week. We will have a dinner on Christmas Eve and another one on Christmas night. I needed to put the lists together so people can sign up for what they want to bring. We all need to eat and it will be lots more fun to be together since we are the only family we have here, but it is a lot of work to organize these meals. Sister Aland has stepped up and is helping me with the Christmas Eve meal. We are going to have a Mexican Fiesta. Elder Aland served his mission in Mexico so she has some fun ideas.
Ana left for Fiji today. We will miss her but she needs a vacation. We are excited for her to be able to go.