Friday, December 20, 2013


There was a devotional at Liahona this morning. We asked Howard Niu if we could use the chairs in the Service Center for our training --- and he said “NO”. I couldn’t believe it!! We only asked to use the chairs with the broken backs, but he wouldn’t let us take them. Now we have to start over and the training starts tomorrow! MERCY!!!!!

We went into the Central Pharmacy and picked up some pallets and plastic water packs that we can use for foot blocks. When we got to work we put the pallets on folding chairs and decided that we will have to make that work. We are out of time. We spent the rest of the morning getting everything set up.

We went out to lunch about 2:30 pm. The Schneblys took us to Friends. We had a meeting while we waited for lunch. Hopefully everything is ready to go. After lunch a young man walked up to us and asked us if we were Greg Webb’s parents. I knew I knew him, but being in Tonga, I couldn’t put a name to the face. It was Taylor, one of Greg’s mission companions. He is a lawyer and he came with his law partner who is a Tongan, to see where the Tongan’s father was born and died. It was such a surprise to see him. I almost expected to see Greg walk around the corner. That was an amazing experience. We have only eaten at that cafĂ© twice since we got to Tonga. To be there and see and visit with Taylor was a blessing. He is married to the daughter of one of our good friends, Mike and Cindy Budge.

I’m not sleeping well. The days are long and hot, the nights are long and hot and I can’t turn my mind off. To many things to think about!