Saturday, December 21, 2013


We took Elder Berger into town this morning. We went to the fair and then to a couple of stores. There were a million people in town today. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Next week will be even worse because of Christmas. We won’t be shopping next Saturday! We had a great time with Elder Berger. He is a true Idaho cowboy and it was fun to hear his stories. He loves horses and he used to break and train them. He and Alan could sit and talk all day. We need to have him over for dinner.

We did the laundry and cleaned the house and then we went to movie night. This week we watched “Little Lord Fauntleroy.” It was delightful. We had a lovely evening with the other senior couples. We had it at the Edward’s house this week. Sister Edwards is still in a lot of pain from her fall this week and it was more comfortable for her in the chair in her living room. It was more comfortable for the rest of us too. I liked it!