Monday, March 3, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 12th

It rained all night last night -- hard -- with lots of thunder and lightning. I didn’t sleep much. I think the thunder and lightning went on for at least 3 hours and then the rain was so loud on our tin roof. We are supposed to be a month or so away from the rainy season, but we are having a lot of rain lately. It is good to have the moisture but the humidity is killing us.

Alan went to the finance department this morning and had them pay the last payment on the Ha’utu project. Once all of the finances clear on it, we will be able to close that project. YEAH!!! Another one completed.

We went to President Faehoko’s shop to talk to him this morning. We got an email saying that we needed to send 8 more chainsaws to Ha’api. He does a lot of his carving with a chainsaw so Alan wanted his advice on what ones to buy and the best place to find them. He showed us some more of his art work and we ordered some souvenirs to bring home. His wife is making a necklace for me. I brought my mother’s wedding band with me and when I go into an air-conditioned room my fingers shrink and I have almost lost it 3 times. She is making me a cord necklace that I can put it on. I don’t dare wear it any other way.

I started gathering the information today to add to the spreadsheet for Cyclone Ian. We will have a conference call again tomorrow and it needs to be up to date.

When we got home I started baking cookies again and Alan had to go back to town to meet President Faeholo to buy the chain saws. That was good. I could get some baked and in the freezer before he could eat them!

When I was done, I called Tiff. We haven’t talked to her for awhile and it was really good to talk to her tonight. She told us that there is a lot of snow in the mountains now and they are expecting more this week. It seems like the Fast they had has brought the blessing of moisture to the mountains and rain to the valley. That is perfect! We are a little worried about her. She is stressed. It is hard to keep up with the kids and be the Bishop’s wife. I remember having 5 kids and Alan was gone all the time. It can be overwhelming. It will be good for us to get home and be able to help her a little.

I had a meeting in town tonight that I really didn’t want to go to. It was the ward council meeting. It is hard when they have it on a Wednesday night and we have to drive 25 minutes to get there. Especially when we have already been in and out twice today. I called the RS president to see what time the meeting started and her husband asked me if we could go to the temple and do sealings instead. I jumped at the chance. When we got to the temple I was a little surprised to see the executive secretary of the ward there. I wonder who showed up at the ward council meeting????? We had a good experience doing sealings in Tongan. I couldn’t remember all of the words in the sealing, but I got a lot of it and I know how to say “Yes” in Tongan, so we got along just fine. We did marriages and sealed sons to their parents.

We were home early enough to go for another walk tonight. We walked a little later, but it was still hot. It looks like we might have another thunder storm tonight. I hope not, I am really tired!