Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alan and I both woke up early on Saturday, the 7th. Probably because we ate so much spicy food so late last night. The party started at 6:00 but we didn’t eat until 8:30 and we had dessert at 9:30. That is way too late for us. Now I know why all of the Tongans are so heavy. They eat way to late at night! Anyway, since we were awake we decided to get up and go into the fair and see if the ship has come with new stuff. We found a few things we needed. Alan found some razor blades that he has been needing. He is cutting himself all the time with the last ones he bought here. That was a great relief. Tiff is sending us a package with our new sandals in it and now we know what we need her to put in the box with them. If it takes two months for it to get here, we need her to get it off so it will arrive before it gets to hot.

It was our movie night tonight. Most of the couples had the Saturday night session of Stake Conference, so we thought they would want to cancel movie night. No way!! We just had it a little later. We watched Calamity Jane with Doris Day. I haven’s seen that movie in over 30 years. It was a fun one and everyone enjoyed it. I made some thin mint cookies to take. I found some Ritz crackers this week and I brought some mint flavoring. We have chocolate chips right now so I decided to splurge and made a fun treat. They were a big hit, it was worth it.