Friday, September 20, 2013

On Thursday we went to meet the man who is over the Special Olympics for Tonga. He works with disabled athletes and helps the best ones get to the Olynpics. He has had a job with the Red Cross and then just did this on the side, but now he is giving up his job and going into this full time. It is volunteer work and he will not get paid. Alan asked him how he was going to live. His answer was, “by faith”. He has some land in the bush where he will grow his food and now he will have the time to go out and look for the funding they need to keep this program running. He asked us for a computer. We never have surplus computers that are good enough to give away but this week we did. His faith is working! I hope we can find other ways to help him. He is so dedicated to helping these young people who really need him. WOW, there are some great people in this world!

I had a truly disgusting experience today. On the way home from town we were driving through the bush. We saw some cars lining the road and because the roads are so narrow we had to slow down to get passed them. I looked over and saw a cow down on its side kicking it’s legs and I thought it was having a calf. WRONG!!! The man leaning over it was at the wrong end. He was cutting it’s throat! There was blood everywhere and the cow was struggling. I almost lost my lunch!! It was awful. I could have gone my whole mission without seeing that.

We found out today that Sister Meyers, the new senior missionary from Idaho, just lost her father. They knew when they left the states that he would not live long and she has been in constant contact with her sisters, but it is still hard to lose your father. It has been a very hard day for her. I wish there was something I could do to help her but I know there really isn’t. I feel so helpless.