Monday, September 2, 2013

On Monday and Tuesday we went to the airport and picked up new Senior Missionaries. Sister Kinikini is a single sister who is here to serve in the Tonga Temple. This is her 8th mission!! Her husband died suddenly when he was 50 and she has spent many years dedicating her life to serving the Lord. She has 10 children. She is amazing! This is her 3rd mission to Tonga. She is Tongan and was born and raised here. Her last mission was in Nauvoo. She knows the Young’s from Smithfield and the Ward’s that we stayed with when we were in Nauvoo. It’s a small world!

We also picked up the Meyers. They are from Rexberg, Idaho. They live about 1 mile away from our friends, Buddy and Cheryl Calderwood. He told us that Buddy is like a brother to him and Buddy and Alan grew up together. Once again, a small world!

We have a great group of senior missionaries serving in Tonga now and there is still one more couple that will be arriving this Saturday. The Hamblins will be working in the mission office. They are from Alaska and they are good friends of President and Sister Tupou. In Alaska, Elder Hamblin was the Stake President and President Tupou was one of his councilors. They are planning to stay in Tonga for 3 years and work with the Tupous. They will be a great blessing to the mission and to Tonga.