Friday, September 6, 2013

When we got into the office on Monday, the 26th, it was a complete turn around from last week. Last week we spent way to much time waiting on other people, but this week things really took off. The Bishop and Stake President from Ha’utu came in to see us. We have been waiting for this bishop for about 2 weeks. We found out that our Fahefa Water Project is actually the Ha’utu Water Project. The Fahefa Government Primary School is actually located in the village of Ha’utu, which is right across the street from the village of Fahefa. Who knew??? Anyway, we got that all straightened out and they were able to answer all of our questions. Now I have all the information that I need to enter it in CHAS and submit it for approval. YEA!!!
I got an email from the Stake that is helping us with the Central Pharmacy project and they have put everything together for the painting of the pharmacy. Now we need to get the bids for the paint and supplies and then we can submit that project too. The next email was from the Dr. at the hospital about the information I needed to put a project together for the Health Promotion Unit. We still have a little ground work to do on that one but we will soon have all we need for that project too. When it rains it pours!!! All of a sudden we have three projects to submit. That worries me a little, I don’t want them all going in at the same time. It might hurt our chances of getting them passed.