Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday the 10th of September was the arrival date for the first huge batch of missionaries into our mission. We welcomed 33 today. Wow, what a great group of young men. There were 18 in the first group that were from Utah, 2 from Idaho, one from Califirnia and one from Arizona. We went over to the Mission Home to help feed them. It is just to much to ask of our Mission Mother to expect her to do all of this alone. The senior couples all pitched in and helped her cook a dinner of fried chicken, cole slaw, potatoes and rice. We also had rolls and watermellon. They ate a TON!! They are all going to go into shock tomorrow, coming out of the MTC with all that food and then this wonderful dinner tonight. From here on out it will be very different but they are excited and ready to go. It was wonderful to see and feel their enthusiasm. We can’t help but wonder what the people at the airport thought when they saw all of those young men in suits get off the plane. IT’S GREAT!!! I took pictures of them but my camera is going crazy and I lost everything!!!