Monday, September 2, 2013

On Sunday the 18th, Heneli, the young man that just went through the temple, spoke in Sacrament Meeting. He did an amazing job. He was so thrilled with his trip to the temple and he did an amazing job of putting his feelings into words. He has such a strong testimony for a man that has only been a member a year. He is determined to help his family become members of the church and everyone else that he meets along the way. It is wonderful to see how excited he is to share what he now knows is true. He loves the Lord and wants to do his part to bring others unto Christ. We were standing next to him and his wife after Stake Conference last weekend. The visiting General Authority came up to us and we introduced Heneli to him and explained that he had just gone through the temple. When Elder Thompson asked him if he had any children, he said, “no, not yet.” Elder Thompson, without missing a beat said, “Well, keep practicing!” I thought Akata, his wife was going to pass out and Heneli’s face went so red, so fast! Nobody knew what to say. Alan and I just stood there with our mouths hanging open, trying not to laugh. AWKWARD!!!!