Friday, September 6, 2013

Alan was assigned a sister in our ward to home teach, so we went to visit with her on Wednesday, the 28th. She only lives two or three miles from us so we didn’t have to drive all the way into town. We were so surprised when we walked into her home. It is beautiful!! Very much like what you would see in America. She has lovely furniture and beautiful art work hanging on all of the walls. The walls are painted a soft green color and she has accent pillows on her couch and love seat. It was very comfortable, much nicer than any other home we have been in in Tonga. Her name is Nita and she is Ana’s sister. (Ana, the lady we work with in the Welfare Office) We had a nice visit with her and learned so much about her and her family. She has one son and he is serving a mission in Atlanta, Georgia right now. She is not married but she didn’t tell us if she is a widow or if she is divorced and we didn’t ask. She is in the Stake Relief Society Presidency so we don’t see her at church every week. They spend a lot of time visiting other wards. She hasn’t had a home teacher for a long, long time so she was thrilled that we would come. It will be a good experience for us and hopefully for her.