Friday, September 20, 2013

The weekend was kind of quiet and relaxing. I loved it!! We need one like that every once in awhile.

We had our dinner with the Mission President on Sunday evening. We had a soup and salad bar and then a dessert bar. It turned out great! We have some amazing cooks serving here. I made Taco Soup and it was gone! We fed 25 people. Paul Tupou, the President’s son who just got home from his mission, spoke after the dinner. He told us about his mission and some of the experiences he had. He is a very impressive young man and I’m sure he was a great missionary. He is very humble but from some of the things he told us, it was easy to see that he had many leadership positions and a lot of responsibility. His exit interview lasted all day long. He was leaving a newly formed mission with a new Mission President. I’m sure that Paul was a great help to him. He is very good looking and the girls over here are going crazy over him. He is hoping to go to school in Provo and try to play basketball. That is his love.