Friday, September 27, 2013

Monday we were back in the office and things got interesting. I was looking for some pictures that the Dr. took for me at the dinner we had at the resort last week. I found an email from a health sight and thought they had arrived. WRONG!!! I opened it and it was an add for Dr. Oz. That started an ugly chain of events. Everyone on my contact list started getting strange emails. I tried to write and let people know what was happening but I couldn’t send them. I went in and changed my password but I am still having trouble with sending group emails. It is so frustrating! It isn’t a virus but it is a pain in the neck. If someone opens the email that came from me they will have the same problem, junk going to all of their contacts. OHHHHH the electronic age!!!

We are determined to submit our Ha’utu Water project this week. We keep waiting for people to finish up the last details but on Monday we decided to do it ourselves. We made a trip to Ha’utu and talked to the Town Officer. He is our champion for this project. Then we went to the Fahefa Primary School and found out who the principal is and got a phone number. Now we have all the information, we are just waiting for Elder Colson to approve the budget and I will hit “SUBMIT”. It takes forever to get these projected put together. It’s making me old before my time, oh wait, it is my time!