Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 3rd

We got an email from Bryan this morning that showed Greg at his house having cake for his birthday. Thank heaven for Bryan and Lisa. They are so good to take care of Greg and we know that all of the rest of the kids called, texted or both, on his birthday. We have a GREAT family!!

Alli sent us her email address so that we could facetime with her, so we did that today. Since it is Sunday at home we knew we could find her at home. That was fun!! Wow, our grandkids have really grown up! We also talked to Dave, Alisha and Parx. We are really getting excited about this new little grandson coming into our family and we need to know that we can keep in touch with them. Alan also needed to talk to Dave about our taxes.

The boat from Eua came in today and there was a family on it that had an 8 year old son who is handicapped. They have to carry him everywhere he goes, so they brought him to our office to see if there was anything we could do to help him. We don’t usually have children’s wheelchairs but in this last shipment we found 2. We didn’t order them but there they were. During the training both of them were assembled and put in storage. Ana is an assessor. She assessed this little boy and what do you know, one of those chairs fit him perfectly! The Lord sent the chairs and then He brought the little boy. Another Tender Mercy. It was such a sweet experience to see that come together and to see how grateful his parents were. Another “Tender Mercy”. This is a GREAT JOB!!

When we got back to Liahona we drove by our office to see if anything had been done with the air conditioners. I talked to Enismore this morning after our devotional and she thought that everything was fixed and working. She got right on it. When we pulled up at lunch time, the men were there working on them. Ours was ON AND WORKING!!! We told them not to turn it off, that we would be back. There still is no remote but they promised to bring one back to us. After lunch I was able to go to the office and get a lot done. We are so excited to have our office back!!!

We had a lot of fun at FHE tonight. We played Jeporady with the book, “The Other Side Of Heaven” as the source of all the information. We have that book, but we haven’t read it in years and only one couple has seen the movie in the last year. It ended up being the men against the women and some of us are pretty competitive. Elder Johnson kept stressing that it was more about learning new information than about winning, but by 7:00 at night, after a long HOT day, everyone was a little giddy. We laughed a lot, learned a lot and had a really good time. It was just what everyone needed to relax a little. When things got a little out of hand, some of them started giving Alan a bad time about losing control of the group. Like as the District Leader he could control them! I just smiled and said, “We are so done with this job, and one of you is going to have to do it”. That shut them up in a hurry. The men won by 100 points, but only because they cheated. We tried to cheat too, but we got caught. Seriously, missionaries!! It’s embarrassing!