Monday, March 3, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 20th

We stopped at the hospital and picked Siua up so he could assemble wheelchairs today. When we got to the office I worked on the wheelchair file. We have to be sure that we can account for every wheelchair that is given out.

Elder Hamblin called and set up a meeting for us this morning. Just after we agreed to it, we found out that there was a devotional at Liahona this morning which was a broadcast from New Zealand with Elder Andersen. We were really upset that we couldn’t go to that. No one had told us about the devotional. Somehow we didn’t receive the email invitation. We had an important meeting set up that we couldn’t cancel. We were soooo frustrated!!

President Tupou and Elder Hamblin brought the District President from Niua in to meet with us. He is here for the leadership meeting with Elder Andersen and he wanted to talk to us about a water project for his island. We called Ofa, our contractor and then met with all of them for over an hour. It was a good meeting and they have a real need. President Tupou asking for this project to happen will really help us to get it passed. I doubt we will be here to see it completed, but we will do all we can to make it happen.

We had a surprise show up on the email today. The doctor from the hospital in Vava’u sent us the list of the things they want us to donate to the hospital up there. We have waited for months for them to respond to our emails and nothing ever happened. We thought this project was dead. Suddenly it had been resurrected. We sent the information on to New Zealand and we will just have to wait and see what they want us to do. These two new projects with the possibility of one or two more, have helped us to set our target date for going home to June 3rd. It looks like we will be busy right up until then.

Yea, it’s Thursday, so we ended the day with a trip to the temple. That’s always good.