Monday, March 31, 2014

Thursday, March 13th,

I had a strange thing happen this morning. I was sitting in the chair in the living room, when the phone rang. The phone was in the kitchen so I jumped up to get it. As I got up, I heard something pop and felt pain in my left hip. I just tried to work around it and went into work.

Sia, a young woman that we love, came to see us today. She used to teach at Liahona, in fact she is the teacher that put our puppet show together for us, but now she works for the government. Her job is to try to co-ordinate all of the NGOs here in Tonga so that we aren’t all doing the same thing for the same people. She is so intelligent and this is such a needed process here, we were happy to explain the church’s program in Tonga to her and know that we can go to her for help in the future. Sure wish we had known about this months ago!!

When Sia left I got up to walk her out and I could hardly walk. I don’t know if my hip went out or what, but it was so painful! We stayed at the office about an hour to take care of the emails and what had to be done and then I had Alan take me home. I took some Ibprophen and got out my rice pack. I turned on the air conditioner and sat in front of the fan, but I needed that heat to help relieve the pain in my hip.

Alan took care of what needed to be done this afternoon here at Liahona. I stayed home with my leg up and tried not to move. It is feeling a little better tonight as long as I sit still it just aches but it hurts when I walk. This is just what I need right now. I have a huge day tomorrow and a big weekend. I am praying for a miracle during the night!

We had to miss temple night, I just couldn’t go. I HATE THAT!!!