Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wednesday, Feb. 26th

Elder Reynolds is meeting with the Area Presidency in New Zealand today and they will be talking about the hospital equipment for Vava’u. I spent the morning writing up that project on CHAS so if it is improved it will be ready to go. We would love to be here to see it completed and then be able to go to Vava’u again to do the closing ceremony.

I asked Sister Feahoko to make a cord necklace for me so that I could wear my mother’s ring around my neck. When I am in an air conditioned room for a long period of time, my finger shrinks and I have almost lost it twice. We drove out to pick it up today. There is a funny story that goes along with this necklace, but I will write it up separately.

Alan had to call the town officer in Nukuhetulu and our contractor for that project and try to explain to them that we can’t install the engine in the village until the money has been put into the project in SLC. The truth is, the project hasn’t been completely improved yet but Elder Reynolds told us to “gamble” and go ahead with it because it was approved by the Area Presidency. We did that and now it is stalled in SLC. Sure hope they pass it or we are in BIG TROUBLE!!! We drove out to Nukuhetulu this afternoon to look at the service project the village has completed as part of the project. They have really worked hard cleaning up the area where the water pump and engine are and cleaning out the shed. Both the members and the villagers worked together for two days to get it done. That was an important part of the project and we feel good about how it turned out. I took pictures to attach to the project.

The town officer gave us fruit and coconuts. After our walk tonight I started delivering some of it to the other senior couples. We could never eat it all ourselves.