Monday, March 24, 2014

Tuesday, March 4th

We had a productive day at the office today. It is a lot more fun to go into work now. There are more people working in our building and it is nice to have people around. It is really a busy place. I was able to get some emails written and sent and I got a great response to one. I had written to New Zealand to see if we could spend some of the money we had left on one project to buy a camera for the Welfare Office. Steve Stebbings wrote back and said that he had a camera over there that he will send to us with the next person coming from New Zealand. It’s amazing, “Ask and ye shall receive”. That scripture is true!

When we got back to Liahona, we drove by the office to drop the computer off and turn the air conditioner on so the office would be cool when we got there. No one had brought a remote by and Alan couldn’t get the air conditioner to turn on. I told him to just leave it on until the remote showed up, but he didn’t listen. Now we can’t use our office until someone brings one. MERCY -- Tonga is trying my patience!!!

After lunch I went over to the service center to find a place to work. All of the conference rooms were being used so they gave me a cubical where Tavita usually works but he wasn’t around today. I don’t know how anyone gets anything done in a cubical! I now have much more empathy for my boys and the jobs they have had in the past where they had to work in a cubical. Sila was on my right and he was singing along with his radio. Mele was on my left and she was on the phone, talking in Tongan and having a great time I guess because she was laughing a lot. People were walking past me all the time. I couldn’t concentrate!! It turned out to be a blessing. I couldn’t do what I had planned to do, so I posted more things on the blog. It all worked out good, but I am still so far behind in my posts!!